Glyn Gaskarth | Associate Director

Glyn has over the last 12 years worked for a number of leading think tanks such as Policy Exchange, Civitas and the TaxPayers’ Alliance. He has written publications and articles on a wide range of issues including UK/EU relations, crime and justice, labour market reform, energy and taxation policy. He has previously served as a former special adviser for the Conservative Party on Home Affairs and as an aide to 2 Conservative MPs.

Prior to joining Oakhill Communications Glyn worked with a diverse range of clients including business representative groups, charities, and an S&P 500 firm. He also worked as Head of Crime and Justice at Policy Exchange where he managed the units research output and advocated on behalf of it on national TV, radio and press. He has regularly spoken at high profile events. Glyn joined Oakhill Communications in June 2017 as an Account Director.

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